Emily Menendez

Emily Menendez is an assistant editor for GU Oncology Now and Cancer Nursing Today. She uses her copywriting experience to contribute content on the latest updates in the oncology nursing sphere. Ms. Menendez received her BA from the University of Central Florida.

Articles by Emily Menendez

Emily MenendezCRPC | July 10, 2024
Abiraterone acetate, prednisone, and apalutamide is a common combination treatment for mCRPC.
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Emily MenendezUrothelial Carcinoma | July 9, 2024
A recent dose-escalation study has demonstrated the safety and efficacy of cabo/nivo or cabo/nivo/ipi for several GU cancers.
Emily MenendezProstate Cancer | July 4, 2024
The detection rate in biopsy-naïve men undergoing MRI-targeted transrectal or transperineal biopsy was 59% and 62%.
Emily MenendezProstate Cancer | July 2, 2024
While postoperative hypofractionated radiotherapy is a common treatment, data focusing on long-term outcomes are scarce.
Emily MenendezLocalized Renal Cell Carcinoma | July 8, 2024
The standard of care for intermediate to high-risk RCC consists of partial or radical nephrectomy and surveillance.
Emily MenendeznccRCC | June 27, 2024
A recent study that sought to characterize rare kidney tumors has identified novel biomarkers in nccRCC subtypes.
Emily MenendezLocalized | June 26, 2024
For the treatment of localized prostate cancer, guidelines typically recommend the addition of ADT to RT in certain patients.
Emily MenendezProstate Cancer Diagnostics | June 21, 2024
Researchers trained and externally validated an AI system to detect Gleason grade group 2 or higher cancers.
Emily MenendezUrothelial Carcinoma Diagnostics | June 21, 2024
WGS-based ctDNA detection offered a median lead time of 131 days over radiographic imaging.
Emily MenendezRenal Cell Carcinoma Diagnostics | June 21, 2024
The signature has been initially validated to improve ccRCC risk stratification and provide better treatment allocation.
Emily MenendezProstate Cancer | June 13, 2024
177Lu-PSMA-617 in heavily pretreated patients with late-stage mCRPC provided beneficial antitumor effects.
Emily MenendezCRPC | June 13, 2024
Intensified RLT with escalation of the first 3 cycles to 10-11 GBq for high-volume mCRPC may increase treatment efficacy.
Emily MenendezRenal Cell Carcinoma Diagnostics | June 25, 2024
The use of 89Zr PET/CT and subsequent surgery in patients treated with it demonstrated low radiation exposure levels.
Emily MenendezAdvanced Renal Cell Carcinoma | June 10, 2024
The trial previously demonstrated longer PFS rates with avelumab plus axitinib in patients with PD-L1-positive tumors.
Emily MenendezMuscle Invasive Urothelial Carcinoma | May 31, 2024
Disitamab vedotin, a novel anti-HER2 antibody-drug conjugate, was paired with toripalimab, an anti–PD-1 monoclonal ...
Emily MenendezRenal Cell Carcinoma | June 7, 2024
New results of CheckMate 67T focused on additional safety analyses and patient-reported outcomes.
Emily MenendezNon-Muscle Invasive Urothelial Carcinoma | May 31, 2024
The CORE-001 trial began in 2020 to study the breakthrough therapy cretostimogene with pembrolizumab for high-risk NMIBC.
Emily MenendezCRPC | May 31, 2024
The real-world OS rates and risk of major adverse cardiovascular events of enzalutamide and abiraterone were compared.
Emily MenendezAdvanced Renal Cell Carcinoma | June 10, 2024
Patients who received lenvatinib plus pembrolizumab experienced later progression across tumors in multiple organs.
Emily MenendezCRPC | May 31, 2024
New results of the PSMAfore study’s second interim analysis include health-related quality of life and pain outcomes.