Non-Muscle Invasive Urothelial Carcinoma
Non-Muscle Invasive Urothelial Carcinoma
Katy MarshallNon-Muscle Invasive Urothelial Carcinoma | February 8, 2024
The guidelines included recommendations for treatment with TURBT and postoperative intravesical chemotherapy.
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Sia Daneshmand, MDASCO GU Symposium 2024 | February 6, 2024
Drs. Daneshmand and Wallis highlight two trials in progress in NMIBC: ABLE-41 and PIVOT-006.
Katy MarshallNon-Muscle Invasive Urothelial Carcinoma | February 1, 2024
The trial indicated a "favorable risk/benefit ratio and quality of life" associated with the treatment.
Zachary BessetteASCO GU Symposium 2024 | January 25, 2024
uMRD enables quantitative assessment of molecular response to nadofaragene firadenovec for BCG-unresponsive NMIBC.
Melissa BadamoUrothelial Carcinoma | January 24, 2024
Nadofaragene firadenovec-vncg is now fully available for health care providers to prescribe across the US for NMIBC.
David Ambinder, MDUrothelial Carcinoma | January 16, 2024
Approximately 40 clinical trials related to bladder cancer were published at the end of 2022 and throughout 2023.
Seth Lerner, MD, FACSNon-Muscle Invasive Urothelial Carcinoma | December 18, 2023
Dr. Lerner shares his thoughts on the results of ENVISION and the potential for UGN-102 for lg/ir NMIBC.
Christopher Wallis, MD, PhD, FRCSCRoundtable | December 8, 2023
The panel conclude with their thoughts on considerations for TURBT and intravesical therapy versus chemoablation.
Christopher Wallis, MD, PhD, FRCSCRoundtable | December 8, 2023
The panel considers therapies across different risk stratifications, including ATLAS, ENVISION, and BOND-003 studies.
Christopher Wallis, MD, PhD, FRCSCRoundtable | December 8, 2023
The panel delves into treatment pathways, including considerations for ablation and repeated histologic evaluation.
Christopher Wallis, MD, PhD, FRCSCRoundtable | December 8, 2023
The panel kicked off with conversations about risk stratification and classification of low-grade, intermediate-risk disease.
Christopher Wallis, MD, PhD, FRCSCSUO 2023 | November 30, 2023
Dr. Prasad presented the results of the ENVISION trial assessing primary chemoablation in patients with LG-IR NMIBC.
Emily MenendezSUO 2023 | January 3, 2024
An in vitro model of EV-resistant bladder cancer showed that EV resistance was mainly due to resistance of the payload MMAE.
Katy MarshallSUO 2023 | November 29, 2023
Prior research has indicated that CIS may be a surrogate for measurable residual disease.
Katy MarshallSUO 2023 | November 29, 2023
In the retrospective study, patients underwent cross-sectional imaging, office cystoscopy, and office cytology.
Emily MenendezNon-Muscle Invasive Urothelial Carcinoma | November 10, 2023
Researchers sought to develop an NLP model to describe patients and tumor characteristics to more easily aggregate data.
David Ambinder, MDNon-Muscle Invasive Urothelial Carcinoma | October 30, 2023
Is there a better way to manage low-grade NMIBC? Adding UGN-102 to the current standard of care may be the answer.
Zachary BessetteESMO 2023 | October 27, 2023
Results of the phase 2b SunRISe-1 trial showed TAR-200 yields complete responses in BCG-unresponsive high-risk NMIBC.
Emily MenendezESMO 2023 | October 25, 2023
The TAR-210 delivery system provides a continuous release of erdafitinib to the bladder while limiting systemic toxicities.
Zachary BessetteESMO 2023 | October 24, 2023
An LBA shed light on the effects of erdafitinib in patients with high-risk NMIBC with select FGFR alterations after BCG.