Localized Prostate Cancer
Localized Prostate Cancer
Zachary BessetteNext-Generation Imaging | September 13, 2023
Results of the BOP trial have shown 64Cu SAR-Bombesin can detect lesions in BCR prostate cancer that is PSMA PET-negative.
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Emily MenendezLocalized Prostate Cancer | September 8, 2023
Utilizing BCR as a replacement measurement for OS in patients with localized prostate cancer is a controversial topic.
Akhil Abraham Saji, MDLocalized Prostate Cancer | September 5, 2023
The da Vinci Single Port platform allows robot-assisted surgical procedures with the same precision as multiport techniques.
Emily MenendezProstate Cancer | August 2, 2023
A meta-analysis sought to determine the efficacy of systemic therapies in patients with PCa and poor performance status.
Akhil Abraham Saji, MDLocalized Prostate Cancer | July 31, 2023
What role can artificial intelligence play in the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer utilizing MRI?
Emily MenendezLocalized Prostate Cancer | July 27, 2023
An AI-based model predicts which patients with localized prostate cancer would better benefit from the use of ADT.
Brian Helfand, MD, PhDRLT-PSMA | June 26, 2023
Dr. Brian Helfand details the purpose of 18F-rhPSMA-7.3 and how it compares to other PSMA PET radiopharmaceuticals.
Benjamin Miron, MDASCO 2023 | June 16, 2023
Dr. Miron provides an overview of clinical implications of molecular alterations in intraductal carcinoma of the prostate.
Andrew Armstrong, MD, MScASCO 2023 | June 4, 2023
Drs. Armstrong and Wallis discuss the design of an AI-derived pathology-based biomarker for localized high-risk prostate.
Akhil Abraham Saji, MDLocalized Prostate Cancer | May 30, 2023
The postsurgical treatment of functional outcomes such as UI and ED after SRP remains a challenge for all urologists.
Zachary BessetteASCO 2023 | May 26, 2023
PSA nadir ≥0.1 ng/mL within 6 months of RT completion may be prognostic for long-term outcomes in patients receiving ...
Emily MenendezLocalized Prostate Cancer | May 10, 2023
Adherence to the National Comprehensive Cancer Network clinical practice guidelines may lead to better outcomes for patients.
David Ambinder, MDLocalized Prostate Cancer | April 26, 2023
The recent ProtecT analysis examined 15-year follow-up data on mortality, metastasis-free survival, and disease progression.
Emily MenendezLocalized Prostate Cancer | April 12, 2023
Transcriptomic profiling was used to identify predictive biomarkers and determine patient response to docetaxel therapies.
Emily MenendezLocalized Prostate Cancer | March 21, 2023
A study arm from the phase 3 EMBARK trial evaluating enzalutamide for nmCSPC with high-risk BCR has had positive outcomes.
Emily MenendezLocalized Prostate Cancer | March 13, 2023
A recent study analyzed a 15-year follow-up in men with prostate cancer to gauge the effectiveness of different treatments.
Akhil Abraham Saji, MDLocalized Prostate Cancer | February 28, 2023
This review highlights the research on the costs related to the treatment of localized PC and the associated outcomes.
Phouc T. Tran, MD, PhDASCO GU Symposium 2023 | February 24, 2023
Phouc Tran, MD, PhD, highlights the challenges of accurate risk stratification for newly diagnosed localized prostate cancer.
David Nanus, MDASCO GU Symposium 2023 | February 17, 2023
David Nanus, MD, details the ways in which PSMA PET varies in guidelines and is used to stage localized prostate cancer.
Emily MenendezLocalized Prostate Cancer | January 23, 2023
A recent update on the phase 3 MIRAGE trial determined if MRI or CT-guided stereotactic body radiotherapy is most effective.