Non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer
Emily MenendezProstate Cancer | August 2, 2023
A meta-analysis sought to determine the efficacy of systemic therapies in patients with PCa and poor performance status.
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Emily MenendezCRPC | July 12, 2023
A clinical trial sought to determine if flutamide is more effective with or without PROSTVAC in patients with nmCRPC.
Emily MenendezProstate Cancer | June 20, 2023
The updated guideline emphasizes the use of PSMA PET for periodic staging, as well as the use of ADT.
Cora N. Sternberg, MDCRPC | April 11, 2023
Dr. Sternberg shares the therapeutic options for nmCRPC patients, how stage at diagnosis impacts these options, and more.
Emily MenendezCRPC | March 10, 2023
Researchers conducted a study to determine PSA response and MFS in patients with nmCRPC treated with APA.
Emily MenendezCRPC | February 9, 2023
Existing literature on adverse events in ARSi drugs was examined to determine how the drugs’ side-effect profiles compare.
Zachary BessetteCRPC | January 10, 2023
The first report on preoperative NLR in predicting nodal involvement for patients with non-metastatic prostate cancer.
Emily MenendezCRPC | December 8, 2022
A team of researchers examined the effect of cholesterol on androgen receptor coactivators for CRPC in vitro and in vivo.
Leah LawrenceProstate Cancer | October 18, 2022
Zoledronic acid did not improve survival outcomes in patients outside of metastatic castration-resistant disease.
Leah LawrenceCRPC | October 18, 2022
Several factors may be associated with risk for falls among nmCRPC patients treated with apalutamide and ongoing ADT.
Leah LawrenceCRPC | October 4, 2022
An NNH analysis of 2nd generation androgen receptor inhibitors for nmCRPC showed a trend toward higher NNH for darolutamide.
The UromigosThe Uromigos | February 13, 2021
Dr. Neal Shore presents the impressive updates for the results of the Aramis trial.