Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Emily MenendezmHSPC | September 13, 2023
The PNI is commonly used as a prognostic factor for malignant tumors, but its potential use for prostate cancer is unknown.
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Zachary BessetteNext-Generation Imaging | September 13, 2023
Results of the BOP trial have shown 64Cu SAR-Bombesin can detect lesions in BCR prostate cancer that is PSMA PET-negative.
Emily MenendezLocalized Prostate Cancer | September 8, 2023
Utilizing BCR as a replacement measurement for OS in patients with localized prostate cancer is a controversial topic.
Alan Tan, MDProstate Cancer | September 6, 2023
The FDA may allow the temporary use of drugs from overseas to alleviate the ongoing cisplatin and carboplatin shortages.
Zachary BessettemCRPC | September 6, 2023
SNMMI convened an autonomous workgroup to review prospective phase 2/3 clinical trials that used 177Lu-PSMA-617.
Akhil Abraham Saji, MDLocalized Prostate Cancer | September 5, 2023
The da Vinci Single Port platform allows robot-assisted surgical procedures with the same precision as multiport techniques.
Akhil Abraham Saji, MDProstate Cancer | September 5, 2023
Increasing competition in robot-assisted surgical platform production will increase accessibility for patients everywhere.
Emily MenendezRLT-PSMA | August 31, 2023
A PSA decrease ≥30% after the first 2 cycles of 177Lu PSMA can serve as an early marker of response in clinical practice.
Emily MenendezmCRPC | August 31, 2023
As mCRPC cells are deficient in retinoblastoma proteins, they have a hypersensitivity to taxanes such as cabazitaxel.
Scott Eggener, MDVideo Insights | August 30, 2023
Dr. Scott Eggener provides an overview of the advancements in and patient perspectives on Grade Group 1 prostate cancer.
Zachary BessetteAdvanced Urothelial Carcinoma | August 30, 2023
Multiple genitourinary oncology therapies are in the spotlight this week, with new US FDA indications on the horizon.
Emily MenendezmCRPC | August 29, 2023
The trial’s 2 primary end points were PFS and overall survival, with a secondary end point of objective response rate.
Emily MenendezNext-Generation Imaging | August 28, 2023
The SOLAR trial aimed to evaluate the safety and biodistribution of Copper Cu 64 PSMA I&T to detect prostate cancer.
Catherine H. Marshall, MD, MPHmCRPC | August 22, 2023
Drs. Marshall, Reimers, and Dorff discuss toxicities from single-agent and combination-based HR inhibitors.
Catherine H. Marshall, MD, MPHmCRPC | August 22, 2023
Drs. Marshall, Reimers, and Dorff discuss PARP inhibitor strategies for BRCA-mutated patients throughout the care continuum.
Zachary BessettemCRPC | August 22, 2023
Foundation Medicine’s comprehensive genomic profiling test identifies mCRPC harboring BRCA1/2-positive mutations.
Emily MenendezProstate Cancer | August 19, 2023
The phase 3 TITAN study assigned patients with mCSPC apalutamide or placebo with ADT to determine its effects on PFS and OS.
Emily MenendezProstate Cancer | August 18, 2023
A facility’s case volume of patients with VHR PCa is independently associated with longer OS in this patient group.
Zachary BessettemCRPC | August 14, 2023
The FDA granted approval to AKEEGA given with prednisone for patients with BRCA-positive mCRPC.
Emily MenendezmHSPC | August 11, 2023
Patients with a suboptimal PSA response who are administered intensified ADT often experience worse survival outcomes.