Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Emily MenendezmCSPC | July 17, 2024
Darolutamide plus ADT provided a clinically meaningful increase in rPFS compared with placebo plus ADT.
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Katy MarshallProstate Cancer Diagnostics | July 15, 2024
Patients were sorted into groups based on modifiable lifestyle behaviors and genetic risk.
Emily MenendezCRPC | July 10, 2024
Abiraterone acetate, prednisone, and apalutamide is a common combination treatment for mCRPC.
Emily MenendezProstate Cancer | July 4, 2024
The detection rate in biopsy-naïve men undergoing MRI-targeted transrectal or transperineal biopsy was 59% and 62%.
Emily MenendezProstate Cancer | July 2, 2024
While postoperative hypofractionated radiotherapy is a common treatment, data focusing on long-term outcomes are scarce.
Katy MarshallProstate Cancer | July 1, 2024
Patients in the oADT cohort experienced decreased cholesterol levels and increased testosterone and hemoglobin levels.
Vishnu MurthyCRPC | July 8, 2024
Vishnu Murthy discusses the real-world efficacy and toxicity of 177Lu-PSMA-617 for mCRPC.
Emily MenendezLocalized | June 26, 2024
For the treatment of localized prostate cancer, guidelines typically recommend the addition of ADT to RT in certain patients.
Emily MenendezProstate Cancer Diagnostics | June 21, 2024
Researchers trained and externally validated an AI system to detect Gleason grade group 2 or higher cancers.
Katy MarshallCRPC | June 21, 2024
The study’s primary end points were the incidence of all-grade or grade 3 and higher cardiovascular events.
Christopher Kane, MDProstate Cancer | June 20, 2024
Dr. Kane shares insights into his career trajectory, highlighting moments that led him to specialize and leading in urology.
Jérémie Calais, MD, PhDRLT | June 20, 2024
Dr. Calais provides his list of the clinical trials of interest on imaging, RLT, and prostate cancer from the SNMMI meeting.
Jérémie Calais, MD, PhDRLT | June 20, 2024
Dr. Calais shares his thoughts on the sessions or abstracts that are of the most importance for practicing GU oncologists.
Oliver Sartor, MDRLT | June 18, 2024
Dr. Sartor discusses the PSMAfore study, which examined [177Lu]Lu-PSMA-617 radioligand therapy in taxane-naive mCRPC.
Geoffrey Johnson, MD, PhDRLT | June 17, 2024
Dr. Johnson provides an overview of the SECuRE study, a phase 1/2a theranostic trial for treatment of PSMA-expressing mCRPC.
Michael D. Stifelman, MDLocalized | June 17, 2024
Drs. Stifelman and Ambinder discuss the novel approaches and adoption challenges of single-port and Da Vinci 5 systems.
Neal Shore, MD, FACSLocalized | June 13, 2024
Dr. Shore discusses treatment-related adverse events associated with apalutamide and ADT.
Neal Shore, MD, FACSLocalized | June 13, 2024
Dr. Shore discusses the effects of apalutamide plus ADT in patients with prostate cancer.
Pedro Barata, MDCRPC | June 13, 2024
Dr. Pedro Barata discusses his research letter examining patterns of HRR mutation genetic testing in men with mCRPC.
Anthony M. Joshua, MBBS, PhD, FRACPLocalized | June 13, 2024
Drs. Joshua and Wallis contextualize the Metformin Active Surveillance Trial for management of low-risk prostate cancer.