Dr. Scott Eggener Discusses Grade Group 1 Prostate Cancer

By Scott Eggener, MD - Last Updated: August 30, 2023

Scott Eggener, MD, of UChicago Medicine, provides an overview of advancements in and patient perspectives on Grade Group 1 prostate cancer and discusses the minimization of unnecessary treatment by promoting active surveillance.

Patients with prostate cancer were found to be overtreated for their low-risk disease, and so the Gleason scoring system was relabeled as the Grade Group scoring system. Active surveillance is considered the preferred management approach in most guidelines for Grade Group 1 prostate cancer due to evidence that patients have better outcomes when they do not undergo unnecessary treatment for low-risk cancer.

Dr. Eggener is vice-chair of the Section of Urology, director of the High-Risk and Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic, and the Bruce and Beth White Family Professor of Surgery at UChicago Medicine.